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Sports Conditioning

Training specifically for your sport is the key difference between winning and losing. Sports Conditioning is a strength, conditioning and core training program for active people and athletes of all levels, based on the fundamental principles of cross-training; improving overall fitness, correcting muscle imbalances and reducing the risk of injury from repetitive strain and overuse. Don’t let the competition edge you out. Be stronger, faster, better.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a stay at home mom, everyone can benefit from moving better. Movement is simply about taking muscles through a full, functional range of motion and expanding that range of motion. It is about stabilizing the joints to handle deceleration and direction changes without injury. It is about developing explosive muscle firing patterns to accelerate quickly and change gears efficiently. It is about developing a variety of energy systems from short burst anaerobic to long duration endurance. Movement challenges your body to stop and go and challenges your heart and lungs to adapt to a variety of conditioning intervals and intensities. Movement will help you perform better in sport and in life.
Your program will include:

  • a pre & post fitness assessment to track your progress
  • nutritional consultation to advise you how to proceed
  • goal setting strategies to help keep you on track
  • periodisation program to prep your body accordingly for your sport
  • online support should your sport take you traveling

Make a commitment to yourself and get moving towards accelerated results!

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