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You have just taken the next step in reclaiming your health & fitness!

Everyone needs a personal trainer at one time or another.  And finding that right trainer for you is as important as finding the right job. Not everyone is going to have a good fit or understand your needs unless they themselves have been through what you have been through. There are a lot of Personal Trainers out there claiming to be good! Well you don’t just want good… you want the BEST and that includes nutrition advice! Allison specifically designs programs to take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you are not a fan of crowded gyms, Allison has a private studio for one on one training. If you are with a personal trainer that isn't giving you nutrition advice, what are you doing? 80% of results will come from nutritional intake tightly correlating to the training program you are given. You have to workout inside AND out to get results!

Whether you are looking to lose those unwanted pounds or you are an elite athlete looking for that extra edge, personal training will help you look and feel professional by shaping and preparing your body for that next level.

Whatever your goal is, the programs are specifically designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be! Start getting results! Whether your goal is to lose weight and inches, or to gain muscle and strength or to take your game to another level… Encore Fitness + Sport guarantees success! Let Allison show you the correct way to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve performance.


I understand the level of dedication and work that is required to excel. It’s extreme, and sometimes downright painful. Many people don’t have what it takes to push discipline and will power to these extremes on their own and need some support, guidance and accountability. Since most of us like comfort, testing ourselves can be hard, but sticking to a promise we’ve made to ourselves, and focusing on being true to oneself we come to grips with what it takes and start to excel.

I’m not like every other trainer out there and my training programs set me apart from those around me. When I say I’m going to do something, I take it upon myself to do it passionately and to do it right. I just get down and do whatever it takes!


Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? It is about working smarter not harder! At  Encore Fitness & Sport, I will switch up your program frequently to keep you constantly challenged and advise you on the correct nutrition intake for your program goal. 80% of your results come from nutrition and consistency with your fitness program. Dedicate yourself to achieve the results and I'll help you get there.

If you are starting or re-starting an exercise program after a period of inactivity, an initial fitness assessment will assist you with goal setting, progress tracking, health related issues and motivation. All my clients must complete the fitness assessment before any program is designed for the individual. This is for your safety and to effectively prescribe the most correct exercises based on your goals, concerns, and outcome of the assessment.


  • Height/Weight

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Resting and Target Pulse Rate

  • Hip/Waist Ratio

  • Blood Pressure

  • Girth Measurements

  • Flexibility/ROM

  • Postural Analysis


  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Weight Loss/Gain

  • Nutritional/Wellness Advice

  • Sport-specific Conditioning

  • Pre and Post Pregnancy

  • Bikini/Figure/Physique Competitor


Want to combine the benefits of a workout partner with the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer? Partner Training is perfect for you. During these 55-minute sessions, I will take you and another client (such as a spouse, friend, or teammate) through challenging and fun workouts. It’s a great way to include some friendly competition and moral support in your fitness routine.

All partner training is 25% off the hourly rate per person…based on the package they choose.

Contact me now to book your free consultation and let's get started!



Whether you are looking to lose those unwanted pounds or you are an elite athlete looking for that extra edge, personal training will help you look and feel professional by shaping and preparing your body for that special event or reaching that next level in sport.> Learn More

Training specifically for your sport is the key difference between winning and losing. Sports Conditioning is a strength, conditioning and core training program for active people and athletes of all levels, based on the fundamental principles of cross-training; improving overall fitness, correcting muscle imbalances and reducing the risk of injury from repetitive strain and overuse. Don’t let the competition edge you out. Be stronger, faster, better.> Learn More

COMPETITION PREP – Bikini/Figure/Physique
If you have always thought about competing in figure, physique or bikini, instead of just wondering “if you could do it,” take the plunge and step out there on that stage. We all have to start somewhere and even the pros had to start somewhere, obstacles to overcome and lessons to learn. The hardest part is beginning! > Learn More


Not a fan of crowded gyms? Work with Allison one on one in Encore Fitness + Sport's private studio!

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