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I have been lucky to be a colleague of Allison’s for the past five years. Not only have I learned a lot from Allison but I have watched her help transform people’s bodies, minds and confidence. Allison has a unique way of making hard work seem fun, eating healthy taste delicious and believing in yourself seem easy. She also walks the walk in the training world, by working hard and changing her body to be the best it can. She is one passionate lady and her clients are extremely lucky to have her!
- Meaghan Mounce, BSc., RMT, CPT

I have been training with Allison for 3 years. In those 3 years I have lost 20% body fat and gained a love for fitness that I would have never thought possible. Allison's enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and her dedication to proper fitness techniques and form make her an asset to the fitness profession. Working with Allison has given me the tools to be able to push myself harder whether I'm on the treadmill or taking part in a spin class. One thing I can guarantee when working out with Allison, you will definitely get your sweat on!
- Cathy T

Over the last four or five years my life has taken a drastic turn for the better, thanks 100% to Allison's example, amazing motivation, guidance and friendship. One look at this outstanding women and you know she walks the talk, something that is very rare these days. After a few sessions you begin to believe that you too, can achieve any fitness goal you can imagine. You can also be sure that Allison will be by your side throughout the journey, cheering you on, and keeping you on track the whole time. Allison has become more than just a trainer, she is a cherished friend and mentor Thanks Alli for giving me the gifts of health, fitness and friendship.
- Rosalind T

When I started my journey of weight loss a year ago I could barely walk on the treadmill at 1.5 mph with no incline, within 4 months I was running.  Allison looks at all aspects of weight loss not just at the physical part of it. If it wasn't for Allison I wouldn't be where I am , she has helped me get my life back.
- Tanya R

I started working with Allison 24 weeks out for my first figure competition, the Canadian Westerns in Kelowna. Coming from an athletic/competing back group in Mixed Martial Arts, my body was very accustomed to being lean, enduring high amounts of HIIT cardio and limited calories, making the cutting phase extremely difficult. 8weeks out, my body stalled out, and I stopped dropping.
Allison reached out to another coach, Al Clark w/Body Edge, and together, they were able to form a plan to get my body to respond to cutting. I managed to start dropping again, and placed 2nd in my class. Allison was so supportive and encouraging, always keeping the line of communication open and making sure we were where we should be and what to expect. She arranged for our suit fittings several months prior, carpooling over to Vancouver together to see the Suit Lady, Colleen Campbell, and then heading back on the way to the show for final fittings. She set the expectations around what the show will be like, what to expect and how to be our best.
She even went out and bought me not 1 but 2 pieces of cheesecake for my carb up the night before the show… best ever!:). It is not common now a days in such a cut throat industry , to not only admit you don’t know how to overcome a barrier, but to have the courage to reach out and ask another coach for help…Allison put her client ahead of her ego…and for that I am very appreciated and speaks to her integrity. Thank you for helping me to reach my goals Allison, and qualifying for BC’s and World Qualifiers…the journey continues!
- Ruth S

Oh boy…where or where do I even begin!!??  Allison, as I’ve often described her as, it like a health and fitness fairy godmother, angel, mentor…an overall outstanding coach, friend, expert and fitness mama!
I’m a mother to three young kids – 9, 7 and 3 years old.  A wife.  A homemaker.  I don’t have much “me” time as half my life is spent either folding laundry, cooking meals and chauffeuring little people all over town.  I’ve always been a very active person – I’ve done a 1/2 Marathon, tough mudder and spending hours upon hours at the gym, but feeling like I was on some sort of hamster wheel – always moving but making no progress.  As I witnessed one of Allison’s clients completely transform for her first figure competition, I was like “That’s it!  I’ve had enough of this crap!”  I thought I knew how to fuel my body.  I didn’t.  I thought I knew what a smart snack was.  I didn’t.  I thought cardio would make me ripped.  It doesn’t.  I look back at all the time I’ve wasted…until I met the amazing, Allison Dawson!!!!  I came to her.  Determined as hell to transform my muffin top, dolly boobies, back fat big ass into a sexy, ripped little thang!  I wanted to be and feel healthy.  I wanted to know how to eat, when to eat.  I wanted to transform mentally, physically and do something for me.  Happy me = happy children and happy husband!   I told Allison I wanted to compete in order to keep “blinders” on and for me not to fall off the wagon for the millionth time!  Best decision I EVER made!!!!!!!!
Allison was honest, knowledgeable, kind, funny as hell, but most importantly, totally professional and my health always came first and foremost.  She was there every step of the way – no matter what I needed to ask her, no matter how many times I asked her the same questions over and over again, she answered (Clearly she’s patient with the newbies!).  I transformed my body to a figure I never imagined I could attain.  Not only do I feel incredibly confident now, but I’m SO HEALTHY!!!! I competed for the first time in Masters Figure in November 2014.  I qualified for the BC’s, and now, that’s the journey we’re on!  I couldn’t have done this without the incredible guidance of Allison.  She encompass’ everything a quality coach should!
If you’re wanting to improve your overall self, willing to work hard, follow and trust someone, all you need is Allison!
From a very happy client!
- Tara F

Working one on one in her personal gym, I was given a nutritional diet plan for my fitness goals, workouts for my own gym time as well as training sessions with her that were always different and interesting (and challenging). Allison's knowledge and experience is endless. She wouldn't even start letting me train until she helped to correct my posture. She made sure when I was doing something that I was not only doing it right but that I was working and using the correct muscles. I gaped when she let me know every squat I've ever done in my past never once triggered my glutes. It has been an amazing learning curve. She explains the why and how. She is adamant about form and can trace an issue you may have to its origin. She's professional, funny and dedicated and I lost weight and inches and became toned and athletic.
When I first started she said, we need to fix your posture and then, for your body type, we need to broaden your shoulders a little bit, trim the thighs, strengthen your core.  She looked at me like a sculptor! I spent 3 months and money with a private trainer at a gym with zero results. I spent 3 months with Allison and dropped 10lbs, over 14 inches overall and look completely different. I still go to Allison regularly, who wouldn't?
- Deb G

I’d like to offer a recommendation for Encore Fitness and Sport and specifically Allison Dawson as a coach.
A bit of background on me to start…when I met Allison I had a low level of experience with resistance training and weights but had seen great progress with the workouts I had been doing and wanted to do more and wanted guidance on how to prepare to compete. I’m 47 and wanted to compete in my first competition in the bikini category. I did my research, reading about the training and effort that would be required and the coaches available in the industry.  I wanted to ensure that I invested my time and $$ wisely of course, to achieve the best results possible. I met with Allison and was immediately aware of her ‘no nonsense’ style but also her knowledge and experience. I could tell she knew her stuff about nutrition, training and coaching and life too.
My experience of working with her has been fantastic. Not only does she know her subject matter very well, she is a professional. She works to understand the athletes she coaches so that she can adapt her process to them – not just the workouts and nutrition, which is a given, but her style – what do they need from her to feel supported and to be successful..she takes the time to ask athletes this and then responds. Allison seemed to quickly pick up on the fact that I respond well to lots of encouragement and she has always been there offering wise council, and encouragement. (and of course a unique workout plan and nutrition plan to achieve my unique goals).
Allison expects you to give of your best and I wanted nothing but to give my all to this process so this worked well for me. I needed to feel after the 16 week process that I had given my best and I have and this is in part to the great coaching I have received.
Allison is mature- being a ‘mature’ athlete myself and having been in leadership and management for a long time, I get to meet a lot of people and a lot of leaders and what I saw in Allison was a maturity and professionalism in the way she works. Yes she will tell you she was just doing her job, but she does it will class and commitment. She demonstrates balance – making time for life events and family and this is very important. Our training is a very important part of who we are but it isn’t us, it doesn’t define us.
If you are looking for a coach I can highly recommend Allison. Contact me if you want a reference or for me to provide more information.
- Shirley M

I first met Allison because we were going on a vacation and I was dreading wearing a bathing suit even though I had been going to fitness classes 5x/week for years but with no change! I asked around for recommendations and heard unanimously to hire Allison because she is the best and boy they were right! Allison gave me a realistic eating and workout plan that I could follow even while on vacation and I managed to lose 4 pounds while being away! When I got back I decided I wanted to get more serious with my results and decided to pursue a lifelong goal of entering a fitness competition.  I never thought it would be possible to do it that same year but Allison believed that if I followed her program I could do it in 4 months. Not only did I get in fabulous shape in only 4 months but I also placed 4th in the competition and qualified for Provincials! I have been to Trainers before and sometimes have ‘lost weight’  but it has never been long term or the sculpted body that I was hoping for and more importantly I actually dreaded my personal training appointments so I was very reluctant to hire yet another trainer.   Allison changed my opinion of Trainers after our first session.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but she pushes you while also making every workout fun and tailors it to your body type and goals.  My friends and family cannot believe my transformation and I am going to continue being a work in progress because I am enjoying it so much! I cannot recommend Allison enough, whatever your reason for hiring a Trainer she will definitely meet and exceed your expectations!
- Justine C

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about my experience with Allison Dawson. Back in July of this year, I felt at my worst and needed to do something about it. My goal was to get my body to bikini competitor condition, with hopes of doing a photo shoot that I could be proud of. Well, after 12 weeks, I accomplished just that!

I can not say enough about Allison. She literally transformed my body in an incredibly short period of time. She is so knowledgeable with exercise and nutrition, and she tailored my program to be specific for me. She pushed me to places I didn't know I could get to. She was a available to me 24/7- literally. If I had a question, concern, or just needed to vent, she was there to encourage me every step of the way.

I have used other personal trainers in the past and they don't even compare to Allison. Her passion, commitment, and dedication to help people puts her miles ahead of other personal trainers. If you are ready to make a change, call Allison. It will be the best decision you ever made. I know it was for me.

- Tracy A - RN, BSN, & busy mother of 2

I've always lead an active life and spent a lot of time in the gym. After my 3rd baby, my husband and I started talking about competing. By chance, I learned about Allison and the amazing work she does, so I sent her and email.

In 8 weeks she took me from 13 months postpartum to a physique I never thought I could reach. During the whole prep and afterwards, Allison was there for me. There was not a moment I felt lost or like a burden, and she answered every question I had. Which I heard a lot of girls backstage during the competition complaining about with their coaches.

I'd highly recommend Allison to anyone! She is a pro in her field and will take your body to a level of fitness you never thought you'd be able to obtain!

- Kathleen W

I have competed in different sports my whole life, and therefor have had many diverse coaches. Allison is unique in the fact she truly cares and believes in all her athletes. If you are looking for a trainer or coach who is there for you night and day, I would highly recommend Allison as she has mastered the unique balance of being both a friend, role model and a hardcore coach all in one!

- Megan S - Winner, Popeye's Classic Bikini A